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LeashTamer - The Ultimate Pet Leash

  • Never  tangles or gets caught under foot and nothing to operate
  • Extends from 2 to 10 feet with nearly ZERO leash tension
  • Easily and quickly set a maximum length of 3, 6 or 10 feet
  • Makes walks more fun – no more pulling, straining, stumbling, and fumbling
  • Allows for truly no-hands operation!
  • Carries your keys, bottles, mugs, doggie bags etc.
  • Attaches to poles, any size tree,  backpacks, and even to umbrellas…
    • Ideal to attach the leash around your waist for jogging or biking… totally tangle free.
    • The perfect tether to keep your dog tangle free at the park or at a sports game, etc.
  • Converts in seconds to walk two dogs, fully tangle free!
  • …or combine two Leash Tamers to walk 3 or 4 dogs
  • Also the Leash Tamer makes  great training leash

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